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  • New Adjustable Pull Up Bar Home Gym Equipment

    June 17, 2018 3 min read

    New adjustable height pull up bar bodyweight training gym

    New Adjustable Height Pull Up Bar Home Gym by SOLOSTRENGTH


    This article has been updated with new adjustable height pull up bar product options here.

    The value of the standard strength exercise of pull-ups and chin-ups is undeniable, there is a sense of extreme accomplishment by being able to lift your own body weight with a pull up bar and today’s progressive entrepreneurs are developing new versatile ways to accomplish these exercises with adjustable pull-up bar home gym equipment.

    adjustable pull up bar

    Typical door mounted non-adjusting pull up bar with limited exercise value

    The trouble with fixed height pull up bars is that the greater majority of people, even if they are relatively fit and stronger than average, can still not use them for proper form pull ups or even accomplish more than a single pull up – rendering the fixed height pull up bar virtually useless as a training tool or effective piece of home gym equipment.  

    Most exercises require a minimum target goal for reps of at least 8-10 per set.  Let’s say you were wanting to train yourself or a client for wide grip pull ups or chin ups (palms closer and facing you), for three sets of 10+ reps…would a fixed pull up bar work for this?

    If yes, you are one of very few people who can accomplish this, and not being able to accomplish even 2-3 in a set won’t help you get there very soon.

    If no, you are sitting there staring at the equipment wondering…what am I going to do with that now?

    Even if you are strong enough to complete 10 reps for one set, the ability to complete two or three sets is greatly diminished after the first set, without the ability to lighten the resistance (typically done through self spotting or assist in some way).  This bring us to one of the primary values of this new adjustable pull up bar home gym system.


    New Adjustable Pull Up Bar Home Gym Equipment


    The many benefits and versatility to adjustable height pull up bar home gym equipment:

    SoloStrength Home Exercise Equipment designed and developed a solution to this problem, with their series of freestanding and door frame mounted adjustable exercise bars.  By virtue of the simple and fast adjustments to a full range of height that quickly adapts to each user, SoloStrength SpeedFit home gym systems offer a super FAST way to exercise in your home, and the ability to accomplish simple and highly effective total body exercise workouts that anyone can complete in home, in minimal time.   The ability to create and customize workouts is only limited to one’s own desires and the bar is ideal for stretching exercise of all sorts and as an anchor support to replace door mounted anchors for suspension training like TRX, allowing it to integrate with many types of training tools to make a highly complete home gym exercise system that you can use well into your golden years and everyone in the family can enjoy.    

    Take a look at some of the home workout exercise photos here and you can visit the SoloStrength online home gym equipment store for more information about their different home gym and professional studio models. 

    View some exercises and workouts you can do at home in the video below:


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