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  • Do I Need Special Equipment for Bodyweight Exercise?

    May 07, 2018 2 min read

    Why the Need for Equipment for Bodyweight Exercise?

    There is a lot of back and forth discussion regarding the need for special equipment when it comes to Bodyweight Exercises. The nature of using your body for strength and resistance to exercise by default kind of eliminates the need for equipment…doesn’t it? 


    Yes and no. 


    Our human bodies don’t need equipment or tools for virtually anything when it comes to movement and exercise. However, the introduction of tools allows us to do more exercises faster, and many times, safer, with more benefits, than without it. These are what tools are for. 


    If one was to wonder WHY they should look at equipment to do bodyweight based exercise on, they should probably look at what the equipment would provide for them. Right?

    Why Use Bodyweight Exercise Equipment and Tools?

    So, in the case of SoloStrength, having the use of a fully height adjustable bar allows for not only traditional full bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, chins, and inverted rows, but also the introduction of many more exercises that would be impossible to do without the adjustable bar and secure platform. Not only can you do a wider range of exercises, you can do a wider range of levels of each exercise. For example, beginners can use the adjustable bar to set it lower (around chin height) to self assist the pull up, to help them achieve full range and good form exercise, all the while engaging more of the body's muscles to complete the exercises, making it effective, efficient, safe and perhaps most importantly…possible!


    The addition of the bar as guide or support can also take traditional bodyweight exercises and add much more difficulty and challenge to the exercise, expanding the range of options and keeping the form more strict to safe movement to allow for a greater focus on the muscle movement and more beneficial exercise.   


    Another great benefit to strength training with SoloStrength Bodyweight Exercise tools is that you can modify the bar height so quickly that it keeps your workouts on track for time, and is efficient, providing a high-paced high-intensity activity that provides a substantial fat-burning cardio benefit on top of the afterburn strength exercises, virtually providing the exercise programs that can be done with SoloStrength home gym exercise equipment, one of the most complete all-in-one training options you can do in your home.  


    The sustainable type exercises don’t keep you moving in an out of your peak fitness levels, but rather keeps your training more consistent because it is so convenient and efficient and helps you keep a much higher standard of fitness over time. It also saves you time to complete full body workouts, gives you more time to enjoy your fitness and energy in other activities to more fully enjoy your active lifestyle.


    To learn more about SoloStrength Bodyweight Exercise Home Gym Systems, please fill out our contact form here. You may also call toll free at 1.866.454.7656.  


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