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  • Ultimate Freestanding Gym adjustable height Pull up bar training station and rack

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  • SoloStrength Ultimate PRO Series Freestanding Mobility Bodyweight Functional Training Strength Gym Commercial Bundle

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  • Ultimate Wall Mounted Gym adjustable height Pull up bar training station and rack

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  • Freestanding Adjustable Pull Up Bar Dip Station Home Gym

    June 17, 2018 2 min read

    freestanding adjustable height pull up bar by solostrength

    SoloStrength Freestanding Adjustable Pull Up Bar

    If you are shopping around for a Freestanding adjustable Pull up bar, you’ve come to the right place at

    The new ULTIMATE series of adjustable exercise bars for pull ups, chins and virtually unlimited total body exercise has 5 exciting installation options for fitting any home or studio environment – and they are built to commercial grade use for long lasting value.

    You can choose from doorway gym installation, wall mounted gymcorner mounted (included with the doorway and all other installation options), and free standing gym or free standing pull up bar model.  Nothing beats SoloStrength free standing adjustable pull up bar versatility for maximizing your training! 


    Simple to learn and use, the ULTIMATE is a Total Body Exercise System for all levels of fitness – with endless variations in body weight based strength & functional movement training, resulting in a dramatically faster way to train and sustain your optimal health & fitness lifestyle.  You can learn more about the bodyweight training exercises that you can do at home here.

    There are three basic components to suggested bodyweight based functional training programs. Basic Training, Functional Fitness, and Peak Performance. What’s right for you depends on your fitness level and goals. From the raw beginner to those training for maximum SoloStrength Fitness Conditioning…you can do it, with the new ULTIMATE series of doorway, wall, and freestanding adjustable pull up bar home gym machines.

    If you want to learn more check out our SoloStrength youtube channel, and if you want to shop for solostrength click here.

    The SoloStrength sales team is happy to assist with your questions and if you can find most details on the specifications on each product page, or the FAQ page for frequently asked questions here.  If not you can reach us on our contact page email or phone.

    We are here to help you get started on your BEST and most SUSTAINABLE Fitness Lifestyle with SoloStrength!


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