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  • How to reach your fitness goals with the right home gym equipment

    August 22, 2019 2 min read

    how to reach your fitness goals by choosing the right equipment and tools

    The best way to reach your fitness goals faster is to invest in the right tools. By figuring out what you need and when you need it can help you in achieving your goals without draining your budget. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best tools which can help you in reaching your fitness goals.

    1. The Suspension Trainer

    It is a versatile item which can be used in a variety of ways. It is your fitness security blanket which will travel with you anywhere. It is portable, light, easy to set up, and it will engage all of your major muscle groups. It sure is a promising tool which can help you achieve your major fitness goals. The suspension trainer was originally invented by a Navy Seal who always wanted to be mission-ready when deployed in remote locations.

    2. Foam Roller

    Foam rolling before and after a workout can alleviate muscle pain, shorten recovery speeds, release knots, and improve your mobility and flexibility. Think of it as getting a sports therapy massage. It is very economical and comes in handy.

    3. Exercise Mat

    If you are a fitness fanatic then probably you have already realized that doing regular exercises on the floor isn’t comfortable. Therefore, you should consider investing in an exercise mat. Whenever you will be doing bodyweight floorwork, yoga, HIIT intervals, or plank exercises, you will be delighted that you decided to get an exercise mat. They make the exercise on the floor very comfortable and they are very economical.

    4. Exercise Bands

    Exercise bands are economical and they are an easy way to increase your burn. If you are looking for adding some intensity to your workouts then getting some exercise bands is the right answer. They are ideal for rehabilitation and simple to set up. You can also use them for stretching, resistance, weightlifting, mobility and functional training. Bands are great for working on the muscles on the side of your legs. You can also add bands to your suspension trainer workout for taking it to the next level.

    5. Kettlebell

    Kettlebells are an all-time favorite because they are very versatile when it comes to weights. You can use the for swings, squats, overhead presses, and more. You can do a full-body workout just with a kettlebell at home or in the gym. You can also make your suspension trainer workouts more challenging by adding kettlebells to them. It will help you with improving your sit-ups and lunges. Kettlebells are quite economical and you can find them in all sizes and weights.

    6. SoloStrength

    If you are looking for a personalized fitness training system then SoloStrength is the right pick for you. We offer all kinds of training equipment and systems for helping people with their fitness goals.  Every SoloStrength purchase comes with a constantly increasing online database of reference material, exercises and complete training programs to challenge and progress, as you do. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. We are hoping to hear from you soon.


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