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  • Freestanding Gym

  • Foldup Wall-Mounted Gym

  • Doorway Gym

  • PRO Series Commercial Bundle (coming soon)

  • Wall-Mounted Gym

  • OUTDOOR Freestanding

  • Corner-Mounted Gym

  • All Accessories, flooring, bands, gloves etc.

  • Home Gym Equipment to reach your Personal Fitness Goals.


    A home gym system or equipment purchase of any sort, requires a careful assessment of options and requirements to properly match up needs and functionality/features and quality.

    One of the important parts of what SoloStrength offers in our system of equipment and training programs, is both basic and specialized training program suggestions, that you can follow to customize your programs to best personalize your exercise workouts for your needs, fitness levels and to best help you achieve the goals and results you are after.

    Once you have followed the general introduction and starter pages, and have received the 30 day e-trainer online assistant, you will be familiar enough and ready to start considering some alternative training exercises that either just use the bodyweight training equipment and adjustable bar machine, or begin to utilize some of the recommended brand accessories to keep your programs always fun, challenging and most effective for you.

    Our personal training goal categories on the left, help to further break down and guide your training approach to best meet your health and fitness goals. Whether your interest is to maintain or improve your daily performance, have specific sport performance goals in mind, or focus is on decreasing your bodyweight and weight loss, then these pages will where you can find this information.

    We are currently updating these pages with our new product photos and content, so they will be ready for you soon. We recommend you register for your announcements to be the first to hear about the updates.

    You can view other applications for SoloStrength Workout and Bodyweight Adjustable Exercise Bars equipment including Sport Medicine Rehabilitation, Personal Fitness Training, Functional Training, Daily Performance Improvement, Ballet Barre Training, weight loss exercises, and functional training on our SoloStrength Applications Page Here.

    You can start your SoloStrength training by viewing our Exercise Equipment Store shop here.

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