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  • What makes SoloStrength a good choice for me? Home Gym

    June 04, 2019 2 min read

    versatile full body workout training station for home gym and bodyweight workouts included

    The SpeedFit training offered by SoloStrength is the safest way of achieving cardio functional exercise and full body strength. Cardio functional exercise leads to higher metabolic burn because of the fast-paced and functional training movements.

    Workout at home

    When you do exercise at home you will be doing bodyweight-based exercises. Bodyweight based resistance exercise is very effective and efficient for strength benefits. Because in this kind of exercise you need to engage with more body muscles in order to move accordingly. You don’t get this kind of body movements in isolation exercises which you typically do in free weight training or on most cable machines.

    What makes SoloStrength a good choice for me image


    By using SoloStrength you can get a dedicated exercise system for your home. It will be convenient and you will be able to move it anywhere in the house, it will be fast and simple to use, and you will be able to adjust it according to your selected exercises and progressions. This will allow you to get the most out of your training sessions.

    Easy to install

    You can increase the effectiveness of your training sessions by using SoloStrength systems which take no time to set up or prepare. Hence they allow you to focus all of your concentration and time on just exercising.

    Other systems require much more installation time compared to SoloStrength systems hence while exercising on those systems you won’t be able to get maximized results. Some of these other systems take more time to set up than an entire workout session takes on a SoloStrength system. So, you can clearly see that SoloStrength delivers innovation with promising results.

    Great product that won't break

    When compared to commercial facilities like training studios, gyms, and clinics, the SoloStrength system takes the same or less space as a treadmill and costs much less. This can be used to do for all kinds of exercises and it has no risk involved for breaking. The system is designed to bear most severe loading conditions and it is manufactured with only the premium material. This ensures that SoloStrength won’t depict any flaws during your training sessions. Take a look at our FAQ section here.

    Plenty of accessories

    It is simple to use a system which allows you to quickly demonstrate, adjust, or modify it to your individual needs. It allows you to focus your time on the things which matter and are important. This makes your job way easier. On top of that, you can add literally endless variations to your exercises during your training sets. SoloStrength enables you to replace 8 pieces of equipment with 1. This reflects a high return on investment in terms of space, your time, and money. SoloStrength is not only safe, but it also promises simplicity as well. It requires no maintenance and is completely hassle-free.

    SoloStrength is a great choice for every individual who needs a customized training system for their individual needs. If this sounds like you and you want something which is convenient and reliable then feel free to contact us for getting your customized SoloStrength system.


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