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Integrates popular accessories with the system, loves the versatility.

“It’s awesome. It’s the main equipment I train myself and my clients on and the results speak for themselves.”

Sarah Lovely
Sarah LovelyPersonal Trainer & Fitness EducatorWatch Video

New Pilates Equipment?
Rico seems to think so look at this series!

“I love it, it’s so much fun!”

Rico!Peak Pilates Pro @ IHRSA Event DemoWatch Video

Product Review and Use in Team Room.

“I love it…it’s ideal for my team and my family. I think everyone should have one.”

Rich Hesketh
Rich HeskethCalgary Flames Pro-Team TrainerWatch Video

First introduction to SoloStrength
(trains clients with it in his studio)

“I feel like I need a fire extinguisher for my legs!”

Coach Vernis Blair
Coach Vernis BlairPersonal Trainer with HLFWatch Video

“Exercising has just become so time consuming, and it really doesn’t have to be, that’s why I love SoloStrength.”

Dianne, One of Our Trainers
Dianne, One of Our TrainersBusy Mom, Trainer & EducatorWatch Video

Utilized SoloStrength on his “last 10 lbs” show to challenge his unsuspecting clients.

“It’s a versatile piece, I can do all the exercises I love on it. Fast and efficient.”

Tommy Europe
Tommy EuropeEx-Pro Ball, TV Personality TrainerWatch Video

“It’s a really good workout…I feel great afterwards…if I want to be in my PJ’s I can do that too!”

Meet Some our First Testers of SoloStrength
Meet Some our First Testers of SoloStrengthWatch Video

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