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  • Freestanding Gym

  • Foldup Wall-Mounted Gym

  • Doorway Gym

  • PRO Series Commercial Bundle (coming soon)

  • Wall-Mounted Gym

  • OUTDOOR Freestanding

  • Corner-Mounted Gym

  • All Accessories, flooring, bands, gloves etc.

  • Specialized Strength Training Equipment For Weight Loss.


    Training with the goal of weight loss, is something we know you will be very happy with. We can start by looking at the nature of the movements that make up the SpeedFit programs, and the ability to use our bodyweight, whether we have “extra” or not, as resistance.

    All of the exercises can be done at a very beginner level, and self spot through a full range of motion and building strength while efficiently burning calories. Unlike doing endless hours of cardio to try to burn similar calorie amounts, the strength training programs actually continue to burn calories after you are done your session, while your muscles recover from the strength training exercises.

    The exciting news is that this is also working towards tightening your muscles, turning flabby lose muscles into lean, strong, well-defined body parts that help you to move more effectively, feel great and enjoy more in life. While the SpeedFit programs are all strong in the benefits of weight management and lean muscle maintenance, we will add additional nutrition suggestions to this page to assist in the most rapid results possible for you with our system.

    One of the best things we have found for people starting off on the 30 day program is to support their training introduction with a high quality nutritional cleanse program such as Isagenix. We have some exciting customer stories and testimonials coming soon, be sure to register to get the email announcements!


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    Sport Improvement Bodyweight Strength Training Equipment by SoloStrength