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  • Freestanding Gym

  • Foldup Wall-Mounted Gym

  • Doorway Gym

  • PRO Series Commercial Bundle (coming soon)

  • Wall-Mounted Gym

  • OUTDOOR Freestanding

  • Corner-Mounted Gym

  • All Accessories, flooring, bands, gloves etc.

  • SoloStrength Freestanding Base (Component)

    *Freestanding Base component only.  

    This base is included with the Ultimate Freestanding System. Can be purchased separately to convert the Main System (same for all installations) for the ULTIMATE Doorway, Corner, or Wall-Mount systems into a Freestanding System.

    Sleek and durable design for stable freestanding installation of the ULTIMATE series.

    • High density non-wear antibacterial foam base padding for comfort.
    • Base Dimensions:  42″ x 48″ x 3″ off ground.
    • Final installed height with system + base is  89″ (7′ 5″) / 2.26m
    • *Standard Height Requires min. ceiling height of 93.5″ (7′ 9.5″) to install.
    • Box 1: 49″x13″x9″ (55 lbs) 

    Comes with floor level adjusters for maximum stability – optional hidden "direct-to-floor" anchor holes.  Counterweights can be put over back cross bar for stabilizing against tipping (*only required if stepping off of base with body applying large lateral forces with high bar level anchoring of bands or suspension training systems).