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  • Freestanding Gym

  • Foldup Wall-Mounted Gym

  • Doorway Gym

  • PRO Series Commercial Bundle (coming soon)

  • Wall-Mounted Gym

  • OUTDOOR Freestanding

  • Corner-Mounted Gym

  • All Accessories, flooring, bands, gloves etc.

  • Powerbands Resistance Band - Gray (Extreme 62-90lbs)

    Gray (Extreme 62-90lbs) Powerbands® premium resistance band for use with SoloStrength systems. 

    Bands are 48" length to handles (handles each 5" from connection to end grip).

    6 Tension options offered for customizing. Get the full range for maximum training exercise options for rehab, strength and muscle refinement!

    Optimize your SpeedFit Training exercises and variety by adding Powerbands® to your SoloStrength and SpeedFit® training!

    Powerbands® offers a lifetime replacement warranty setting them apart from all other brands.

    Powerbands® are manufactured using the highest quality rubber and latex available, and feature larger diameter sure non-slip grip tear resistant handles.

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