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  • Wall-Mounted Gym

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  • All Accessories, flooring, bands, gloves etc.

  • Olympic Bar Holder (Pair) for Ultimate Training Stations

    Olympic Bar Holders for wall mounting (set of 2 items) or for easy pre-set mounting on Rear Support Bar (Freestanding Model application only).

    Take your bar storage to another level with one of our wall-mounted SoloStrength® Hanging Bar Storage solutions. 

    Horizontal bar storage options can damage your knurling and take up a lot of space. Be smart and store your bars vertically! Our Hanging Bar Storage solutions hold the barbell by its sleeve and are finished with a scratch-resistant powder coat - features that protect both your storage unit and bar from gouges and scratching.

    All hanging bar storage options are compatible with standard olympic bar sizes.

    Installation is just a wall stud away. *Single item is included with Rear Support bar currently sold on store.

    Color & Finish Black powder coat
    Weight 3lb
    Dimensions 7" x 3" x 4" (HxWxD)
    Bar Slot Size 1.25" inside diameter (fits Olympic bars)


    Designed for wall-mounted storage, or for use with the Rear Support Bar (for freestanding ultimate system, mounting holders on both sides of rear support bar for convenience).

    How much vertical space is needed depends on the bar. It is recommended to add 5" to the length of the bar you plan to store for minimum ceiling height. This will allow proper storage and removal without touching the floor or damaging the ceiling.

    The Single Bar Storage mounts to one stud, or preset mounting brackets on rear support bar.

    FAQ: Can these be used with the rear support bar purchased before Sept.21/2021?   YES. However the gen.1 rear support bars do not have the two finger anchors to slide the holders onto as they do with current rear support bar design. You can use high capacity two-sided tape or adhesive to mount the Olympic Bar holders to each side of Rear Support Bar. Gen.2 Rear Support Bars come with a single item and mounts on both sides.