Ultimate Dip and Row Bar


    This is truly The ULTIMATE Dip Bar! Adjustable height dip, row and pull up bar through your Ultimate Series Training Stations and ideal for all dips, rows, and neutral grip pull ups for maximizing your SoloStrength workouts and grip variations!

    1. Suggested maximum user weight 400 lbs (tested to over 500 lbs)
    1. Grip width 24-26″
    2. Quick no fuss 3 Seconds mount/remove to Ultimate exercise bar
    3. Adjustable height - neutral grip for pull ups, leg lifts, triceps dips
    4. Lower height for self assisted dips to build strength
    1. Optional accessory for and use exclusively with SoloStrength Ultimate Series systems only
    1. Shipping box dimensions: 43″x8″x3″ (10 lbs)


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