Rear Support Bar

  • The ULTIMATE Rear Support Bar is for keeping TRX, bands and other items anchored securely in place without using the main SoloStrength bar. 

    1. Keep your TRX and bands in place but out of the way for even faster exercise transitions and improving stability with lateral forces
    2. Works same for both standard and shorter height freestanding systems (bar height is equal to the top bar height of each system)
    3. Can be used with 1' height extension added to main system
    4. Supports over 500 Lbs and sits 16" back from main bar
    1. Part of our commercial PRO series and for use with SoloStrength Ultimate Freestanding system only
    2. Recommend to use with Counterweight Tray
    1. Bar Holders on side of system are not included. If using system as a rack with JCups, or for convenient vertical storage for your bars or bands/TRX storage also), the purpose built Olympic Bar Holders can be easily secured with pre-set anchor "fingers" to both sides of the Rear support bar (as shown in photo), or mounted to wall studs.
    2. Shipping box dimensions: 39″x 12″x 4.5″ (16 lbs)


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