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Ultimate Corner-Mounted Gym Information

  • SoloStrength offers full-body workouts to help you achieve amazing fitness results. Compact, fast, and efficient bodyweight exercises are key components of lean muscle gain and effective fat loss. Easy to set up and safe to use for all ages, get fit faster in the comfort of your own home today!

    Your total body SoloStrength® ULTIMATE Corner Gym purchase will include:

    1. 1 Corner-Mount Ultimate System (Main System, Main Exercise Bar, Corner Brackets Kit) *some photos may show optional dip bar and accessories

    2. FREE Upgraded 3 Year Warranty (extended optional)

    3. Full color instructional guide and quick reference sheets

    4. FREE Access to our Real Time Training Videos, 10 DAY Challenge, website instructional references, and new SPEEDFIT APP!

    5. Print and step-by-step assembly videos to minimize assembly time

    6. 30 Day Full Product Price Return Protection (restrictions apply)

    7. TRX Not included. Dip/Row Bar, Resistance Bands, and Balls are optional Accessories