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Sports Improvement

Sport specific training is not the core focus of what SoloStrength and SpeedFit programs offer, and the field is often very specialized with specific coaches dedicating much of their careers to really understanding the specific exercises that can sometimes take nearly top athletes in a sport, to compete at their very highest level. If you are more of a weekend warrior type, who’s interest is maybe more on the level of improving your performance over your last game, or finally taking your friend that keeps beating you on the last set, then we think you will be very impressed on what a little SoloStrength will do for you. Obviously improving your overall fitness, strength and conditioning is going to improve your speed and reaction times, hand eye coordination and likely improve any activity you participate in, but we’ve found that a light SoloStrength session before heading out to the game, does wonders for connecting our mind and performance, for better overall results. All we can say is try it…and let us know what you think. We bet you’ll feel the same as we do. One of the awesome ways SoloStrength can really be utilized for sport related training is for youth conditioning. While you can put a SoloStrength in a room and kids will be climbing all over it faster than you can blink, the ability for kids to use the system for a safe strength trainer, is safe and second to none. Our essential exercise movements work just as well for kids but we will be hosting some exciting pro level coach training for sport specific guidance and tips in hockey, football and other strength focused sports. It doesn’t mean your children have to be playing these sports to enjoy and benefit from playing on SoloStrength, but we’ve found that for kids especially they really respond well to the coaches, so look for those programs here soon.