Enter your address at checkout to see shipping options!  Please contact us on form below if you do not see shipping options to your region and we will quote for you directly.

Please note some countries have Duties charges that are not covered in product costs or collected in shipping charges unless specifically noted. 

Duties rates are constantly changing and are levied by each Country's Customs as required by each Government. Canada has no duties, USA has no duties on orders under $849.00 (orders over this amount are levied a small duties fee charged by shipper at time of delivery through UPS/Fedex), other countries may have individual duties rates which typically range from 5-8%. 

If duties charges are applied by your customs to an order, they are the responsibility of the Customer to pay and will be notified (and collected by shipper at delivery, or can be conveniently paid ahead online via the shipping tracking link sent in email,  if required. 

CURRENT UPDATES (August 1/2022)

Unless otherwise noted or listed below, all items are currently IN STOCK and ready to ship! Any Items that are currently sold out will not be available for purchase, but there will be an option to be notified by email when back in stock.

Exceptions for today and any current backorders: None.

>> Purchase today to guarantee your order  - we have limited inventory and selling fast don't delay! 


My order has partially shipped, but other packages show no activity. Is part of my order lost?

We make an effort to ship orders complete but, with the current high demand, in many cases, it is not possible. We can assure you no orders are lost and we will make sure you receive all items as ordered. We want nothing more than for you to receive your gear and be able to use it.

My order has tracking, but it isn’t updating. Do I have the correct tracking information?

Orders are assigned tracking numbers at the time they are processed and sent to the warehouse floor to be shipped. Please allow up to 1 business day after your order shows as shipped for the tracking to go live from the carrier.

Can I add items to my order before it ships?

We are not making any additions to orders at this time.

**SoloStrength has experienced unprecedented sales demand early in this sales season and all backorder items are up to date. Thank you for your patience. 

All items are in stock (unless noted otherwise) and shipping out within 1 business days of order.  

Seasonal Shipping times through North America typically range from 2-3 days (expedited) and 7-9 days (regular). Some holiday closures may delay shipping periods a few days. SoloStrength does not guarantee Fedex shipping times.  Overseas International delivery service is 50% savings and  time typically is within 7-10 days.

North American addresses all shipping direct to door (or nearest depot if arranged by customer preference). Intercontinental shipping (outside North America) may be subject to destinations National import duties will be the responsibility of customer.


You will receive a detailed email from us showing your customer order status, shipping address details, helpful links and shipping tracking information.

The FEDEX/UPS/CANPAR (or similar service) tracking link will go live once scanned at depot and you can modify/track, or follow your delivery directly. Your order should be at your door ~2 days from that notification (with Expedited shipping option in North America). You will also receive a welcome email congratulating you on your purchase and some guidance on how to get your SoloStrength system setup so you can get started as quickly as possible.

Shipping Policy:

All ground and international shipments require a customer signature upon delivery. *You can choose to modify the drop off details, or pickup at depot options, once your tracking has gone live - directly with shipper through shipping tracking link. The shipping company may call or notify some customers before attempting to deliver orders (particularly overseas/international). A total of three attempts will be made to contact you. After three attempts have been made the shipping company will make arrangements to return your order to our warehouse. Return shipping and a 10% restocking fee may apply.

We cannot ship directly to P.O. or APO Boxes with online orders (few exceptions for Military and Government organizations setup with Fedex/UPS for this). There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that many of our items are large and ship in boxes bigger than the post office will accept for postal boxes.*For Military overseas APO PO Boxes, there is a service that has been used by customers in past successfully which will forward through to your APO PO box with a free account you can learn more and setup at:www.apobox.com. ***There are new shipping options for PO/APO Boxes just offered recently please contact us directly to inquire on your shipping address location if includes these.



Fill out our contact form, arrange a call back at convenient time or call us with information here .

Shipping Times: 

Shipping time for SoloStrength items in North America, is typically within 2-4 days of purchase (for expedited service and 7-10 days regular service).Canadian purchases are duty free, USA is Duty-Free under $849.00 USD (typically fees after this price run about 5-8%), other Countries may have duties upon entry. Service is provided by Fedex/UPS/CANPAR Ground service (or equivalent). Shipping destinations in Overseas or outside North America typically range from 4-12 days.

USA, Mexico, Europe and Australia are sent International Economy Expedited service to door, with taxes/duties included (in USA and others, some exceptions apply and will be noted in the checkout). Countries not listed above may have national duties/taxes which are not included in your purchase, and you will be notified by shipper prior to delivery for payment.

If stock says backordered at time of purchase, on purchase page or cart and maximum 4-6 weeks.  You will be notified of this before purchase confirmation.

For International shipments (not listed in checkout shipping options) and multiple unit orders, please contact us with your details and a customer service agent will assist you promptly.  You can also sign up for automatic email announcements on the form below.

Note: Products are inspected for integrity during manufacturing and packaging and do not leave the warehouse without being checked for quality. *If the packaging looks to be delivered damaged, please take photos to send us.  This is important for ensuring successful claim for delivery damage and quickest way to ensure if anything is missing is sent to you quickly. We guarantee all products are delivered in perfect condition and any defect/damaged/lost items are replaced immediately to ensure our customers have their system setup and working perfectly for then as intended to support your health and wellness. We will deal with any instances of this type usually within 1-2 days with shipping company directly.

If you are inquiring about shipping, distribution, or sales Internationally outside of North America, you can find more information here.

** SoloStrength Ships to most major International locations.  If you do not see your region available when entering your shipping detail, please screenshot your info and send for shipping request for your order, through our Customer Service or call 1.604.818.6225.



Updates to shipping and dealer location information for SoloStrength products!