More and more personal trainers that are opening their own studios are using SoloStrength personal training equipment as one of their primary and fundamental pieces to run their personal training business with.

The versatility of this personal training equipment to help grow your business, is second to none. The all in one fitness trainer allows for quick adjust-ability and progressions of exercises, multiple client use between sets, and a safe and non-intimidating way to integrate resistance exercise to a broader client base.

SoloStrength systems are exceptionally valuable for smaller space exercise environments, or locations where other forms of strength and weight training equipment are not appropriate. Older clientele are not intimidated by the simple function of the equipment, and it can be easily adapted to each client’s individual needs. The training programs are basic for beginner to advanced, and allow for a great deal of customizing programs by creative trainers.

In medical and rehabilitation environments SoloStrength equipment offers a highly adaptable patient/user value from simple self-assisted movement training to engaging the bar as a variable height anchor point for resistance bands, suspension trainers and other supports. Balance tools can also be integrated as in the photo, to help work through various physiotherapy activities.

The new designs have built-in wheels, and with the ramp mat folded over top of the base each system can be easily moved by a single individual rolling the equipment from one are of the floor to another. This easy of movement for the equipment can be seen demonstrated in this video. It is good to note that the equipment can be secured to the floor as well with hidden attachments.

SoloStrength provides personal training equipment and education resources for health professionals and Personal Trainers to ensure safe and maximum utility for the SoloStrength Training System with clients and patients. We are currently working on the certification programs and will be releasing information soon. Each customer receives considerable training reference and education pieces to learn the basics of SoloStrength exercises, and there are numerous training videos to assist in learning the suggested programs quickly. Please register for notification on our specialty high value – small space – self-contained personal training equipment.