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SoloStrength builds specialized systems for supporting natural movement exercise for sustainable long term fitness.

Our Design | We thoughtfully designed SoloStrength to be adaptable to your needs. Our system is easy to clean, sleek in design, and minimalist, which means you can fit one in your home, studio, or office work environment.

Our Mission | SoloStrength helps individuals obtain and sustain a healthy lifestyle regardless of age or fitness level. 

Our Inspiration | SoloStrength was created with you in mind. Inspired by simplicity and driven to support consistently good health, we developed our system so training could be easy, effective, and safe.

SoloStrength empowers the individual and health professional alike, to maximize their exercise options, while reducing the time and space needed to enjoy them. 


SoloStrength was created with the vision to help every individual obtain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. From the first prototype of a shower rod and wooden planks to our latest iteration, a brushed aluminum adjustable bar (39 levels), a soft and durable pad (freestanding model), we’ve thoughtfully reworked details to achieve the same goal: a simple adjustable bar inspired by the 3Ps – push, pull, press – for presses, pull-ups, chin-ups, stretches, and a full range of bodyweight exercises - proven basics to stay in good physical condition. 

SoloStrength seeks to partner with you on your journey to a healthier life. We believe good conditioning leads to functional benefits: better posture, improved flexibility, and a positive mindset