6 Reasons Why SoloStrength® Is Right For You

solostrength ultimate freestanding adjustable pull up bar functional training station


SoloStrength is for people who value quality, simplicity, and a solid design. 

From our thoughtful design and manufacturing, to the complete instructional programming of videos and app, quality comes first.  

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SoloStrength is for people who respect their time, their space, and their bodies. 


We believe SoloStrength offers you the best balance of basic and advanced exercise options, with simple to advanced exercises so you can take back control of your time, energy, and life.

pull up dip station for bodyweight exercise solostrength ultimate freestanding


SoloStrength is for people who recognize the importance of simple basics, and the benefits of new challenges.  

SoloStrength is for people who recognize equally the importance of bodyweight resistance trainings and is keen to customize and personalize their workouts. 


SoloStrength has something for everyone:

There are essentially 9 core exercises to complete a very satisfying full body workout. SoloStrength uses Push-Pull-Press functional, resistance bodyweight movements. Our exercises are easily adaptable from basics into more challenging ones by increasing your bodyweight resistance, or including compound movements into the exercise. 

Follow along our App or Videos for expert curated training programs at 15, 20, and 25 minutes in length.  

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SoloStrength is for people who understand the value of getting back to basics, through functional bodyweight training.

SoloStrength is for people who can appreciate simplicity, convenience and durability.SoloStrength recognizes that we go through many phases in life and while sometimes spending $100/month on classes and travel time and expenses are perfectly fine, but most times these approaches aren’t sustainable over the changes in our lives. 

SoloStrength can balance your overall lifestyle, by keeping you in great shape all the time, and freeing up more time and helping you sustain fitness with back to basics exercises.  

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SoloStrength is for people who are busy who want to be in great shape today and for as long as possible to enhance every aspect of their life experience.

When we say SoloStrength is good for everybody, we mean every BODY. From healthy youth development and safe strength training for sports, to energized youthful aging, or safe weight loss, SoloStrength SpeedFit programs meet the needs for all levels of challenge and simple resistance based exercise for balanced, total body fitness.  

freestanding rig pullup dip station by solostrength


SoloStrength is for people value their total body health, and long-term wellness. 

Simply leveraging your own body, as natural resistance to build strength and muscle produces conditioned bodies that is sustainable longterm. 39 levels at 3 second adjustments, our SoloStrength Systems are safe to use for all ages and for all fitness levels.