Home Gym Exercise Equipment

SoloStrength ULTIMATE Series Home Gym Exercise Equipment is the most exciting calisthenic bodyweight training tools for Body Weight Exercise training for variable and quick change all-level calisthenic and isometric exercises to ever hit the market!

With Inclusion of our Adjustable Height Dip and Row Bar, any our Training Station installations in the Ultimate Series instantly becomes an adjustable Pull Up & Dip Station home gym.

Maximum suggested user weight of 450 Lbs. (dynamic forces) and tested safe to over 1000 Lbs. 360° Static isometric force on the SoloStrength exercise bar, you can maximize your isometric body positions in limitless ways. Increase your calisthenic exercise challenges by adding intense isometric holds for massive strength gains quickly!

Other installation options in the Ultimate Bodyweight Training Station lineup are the Doorway GymCorner GymWall Mounted Home GymFree Standing Home GymWall Mounted (Folding) BarPull Up and Dip Bar and Wide Grip Pull Up Bar.

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