Free Standing Pull Up Bars (adjustable height)

When looking for fast and efficient home workouts, you will want to include the best height adjustable exercise bars for bodyweight training from SoloStrength®. []

You can choose any of the 5 Installation options for the perfect fit in your space, with the best selling and most popular being the free standing pull up bars (indoor and outdoor) you can find here.

Height adjustable exercise pull up bars allow anyone to perform all the fundamental strength exercises you need to get in and keep in great shape with an immediate benefit of feeling stronger mind/body connection.

Simple to use, super fast 3 second bar Adjustable Height Pull Up Bars and Dip Stations by SoloStrength® - built for fast home workouts, supporting sustainable higher fitness levels and the best wellness lifestyle. Functional training, isometrics exercises, bodyweight training, calisthenics workouts, stretching exercise programs and perfect for integrating with suspension training, resistance bands and other training accessories.

You can START as a beginner level, safely and quickly build up your strength, mobility and confidence with easy to learn and follow full body workouts, and progress easily through personal fitness mastery level challenges and sustain your fitness levels more easily with "ready when you are" convenience.

The Ultimate Series has Wall Mounted Gyms, Wall Mounted Foldup Squat Rack and Home Gym, Corner Mounted Pull Up Bars, Free Standing Pull up Bar training stations for your Home Gym Bodyweight Exercise - TRX Anchor alternatives and functional training with 1000 Lbs Isometric capacity.

Other installation options in the Ultimate Bodyweight Training Station lineup are the Doorway Pull UpBars Corner Pull Up BarsWall Mounted Pull Up BarsFree Standing Pull Up BarsWall Mounted (Folding) Pull Up BarsPull Up and Dip Bars and Wide Grip Pull Up Bars.

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