June 17, 2018 1 min read

Circuit Training Bodyweight Exercise Equipment Home Gym


When your TIME MATTERS and you want to STAY FIT – choose SoloStrength! 



Ready the instant you are to have AMAZING WORKOUTS EVERYDAY! High quality adjustable exercise bar (freestanding model shown in exercises – Wall and Doorway Mount options can do the same) for pull ups – push and press exercise, bodyweight strength, total body muscle toning, accelerated fat burning and endless stretching for ALL LEVELS of training ability. The ULTIMATE circuit training bodyweight exercise equipment home gym!Raw beginner exercises are included and easy to follow to get started, and training is unlimited and unrestricted – train your way. 

Train FASTER, Train BETTER at home – with SoloStrength! 

SoloStrength is a solution for busy modern lifestyle and an exercise in simplicity all through. Simple to set up, learn, and use. Durable and compact, SoloStrength is really all you need for the ultimate foundation for home gym exercise for you and everyone in your family. Maybe the best part is that like all of our new ULTIMATE models, there is only ONE adjustment to change your exercise, intensity, or progression, and it’s awesome fast! 

Call Us today: 1-604.818.6225 Or Visit us Online: www.solostrength.com Full Body Exercise for all levels of fitness – simple and fast! Complete instructional materials and videos included. Advanced training programs on website. Assembly time approximately 20 minutes. Ships in 2-4 days. Delivered to your door. 


Circuit Training Bodyweight Exercise Equipment Home Gym

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