Thank you for exploring some of the feedback and customer reviews for SoloStrength.  We have a video here to show you some of the details and orientate you to the site and options for you.  If you would like to submit your own feedback please click here.

We also mentioned we would share with you the M&S Secret that makes SoloStrength such an amazing solution for your fitness.

What is the M&S Secret?

Actually, it’s no secret at all…but you will find that there is one common trait among people that keep fit well into their years, and most of them will say that Consistency, is the winning difference.

The question is how to keep consistent effective exercise in the day to day schedule of life?

The answer, is that SoloStrength does a special job of offering you convenience and super fast Total Body workouts that allows you to spend as little as 15 minutes to complete and of course when you more time, or want to go harder, it’s easy to add more sets and challenges with more exercises to keep your programs perfect and customized for you.

M&S = Maintain and Sustain.  Fitness for life with SoloStrength!