SpeedFit Assembly Quick Tips

Welcome to the SoloStrength Assembly-Tips page.   Here you can reference some common installation questions and quick tips to help ensure the assembly of your SoloStrength ULTIMATE system goes smoothly and to get you up and running as quickly as possible!

The first tip, and the most overlooked is PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before beginning – doing so will save you time.

By selecting your model below, you will find some important tips to ensure you don’t miss anything, avoid common mistakes, and help you through for a perfect assembly experience.

*Be assured that your SoloStrength system once properly installed will run very smoothly and clean.  Due to anomalies in building doors and walls, there can require some patience in fine tuning the adjustments to achieve this but the process is shortcut below.

If you get stuck, please feel free to reach our customer service. We are here to help.

===> Moving your SoloStrength doorway or wall-mount?  The Screw holes can be easily filled with wall or wood putty (depending on your surface) and found at any hardware store.  Smooth out the putty once applied with light sanding and the holes disappear! <===