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SoloStrength Door Way Mounted Bodyweight Exercise Functional Training Professional Home Gym


SoloStrength Wall Mounted Bodyweight Exercise Functional Training Professional Home Gym


SoloStrength Free Standing dip bar pull up station Adjustable Exercise Bar

Easier to Get Fit. Easier to Stay Fit.

Simple to learn and use, the ULTIMATE is a Total Body Exercise System for all levels of fitness – with endless variations in body weight based strength & functional movement training, resulting in a dramatically faster way to train and sustain your optimal health & fitness lifestyle.

Training, Training & More Training!

SoloStrength’s patented designs allow for super fast 3 second bar adjustments, that keep your exercises flowing seamlessly from one to the next – resulting in faster and more efficient exercise sessions.

There are three basic components to suggested bodyweight based functional training programs. Basic Training, Functional Fitness, and Peak Performance. What’s right for you depends on your fitness level and goals. From the raw beginner to those training for maximum SoloStrength Fitness Conditioning…you can do it, with the new ULTIMATE.

Wall mounted adjustable exercise pull up bar TRX anchor system

Any Space. Any Place.

4 Installation Options To Fit Any Environment.


Professional Sport Performance Coaches, Personal Trainers,
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AS A PRO TEAM SPORTS COACH, I took SoloStrength system onto a fitness TV segment because we have been using it with the Calgary Flames in the training Room. In a nutshell, you can do everything you need with the SoloStrength system, from flexibility and Strength training, and all levels and you don’t need to go any further than this system. It’s a perfect simple and effective home gym system. I love it, it’s ideal and I think everyone should have one.

Rich Hesketh
Rich HeskethStrength Training Coach / Pro NHL Team

Exercise has just become so time consuming and it really doesn’t have to be. That’s why I love SoloStrength.

Dianne S.
Dianne S.Busy Mom, Fitness Trainer and Educator

On SoloStrength…it’s a versatile piece I can do all the exercises I love on it. Fast and Efficient! (Used SoloStrength on episodes of his TV show “The Last 10 Pounds”.)

Tommy Europe
Tommy EuropeEx Pro-Ball Player, TV Fitness Personality

ASS KICKER WORKOUTS! SoloStrength kicks my ass and way better than any piece of equipment I’ve used bar none…lol pardon the pun, so versatile!!!

R. Garospe
R. GarospeCustomer / Ass Kicker Workouts!

I learned two valuable lessons twenty years ago in the Corps. 1) that you can achieve an amazing body by leveraging your own body’s weight. 2) that no one has ever drowned in sweat. So by utilizing the SoloStrength with TRX, I am able to execute hundreds of exercises that develops both my strength and balance – allowing me to finally get the body I want.

Scott Pettinga
Scott PettingaCustomer / Former Army Corps / Fitness Entrepreneur

AWESOME! I LOVE IT!! > It makes my life as a trainer so much easier! I have been training my clients and myself on nothing but the SoloStrength for 4 years now. The results are staggering. Both in appearance of the body and the skeletal structure as well. It’s versatile – it can be an intense cardio muscle building work out, or a flexibility and toning session. 20 minutes does the trick.

Sara L.
Sara L.Personal Trainer / Mom

INSTALLATION WAS A BREEZE! This unit gives a whole new meaning to the term “hell for stout.” The metal parts should last forever. The unit will last longer than I will. I looked at SoloStrength for some time …the door frame unit is just what I needed for all exercise and providing a base for other exercise tools (bands, straps, etc.). The price made it almost a no-brainer and “had to have.”

King K.
King K.Customer / Bodyweight Training Enthusiast

THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO EXERCISE TODAY! > SoloStrength is a total fitness workout that challenged my endurance, my strength, agility and my range of motion. As a busy single mom, who also works full-time, maximizing every workout minute is extremely crucial for me. TIME is EVERYTHING and I want every minute with my son and my workouts to be QUALITY. SoloStrength training allows for an intense, focused and convenient workout that taxed every muscle in my body and it was full on cardio! Talk about DOMS, I was still feeling my workout two days later (and that was just in 18 minutes, no joke!) Thanks SoloStrength!

Linda M.
Linda M.Customer / "Busy Mom"

LEADING THE WAY… > We first saw SoloStrength at IHRSA industry show and immediately were attracted to it’s beautiful design, and simplicity. We like it very much…you guys are leading the way.

Nerio Alexandri
Nerio AlexandriPresident / Owner / Technogym Products

The first time I tried it, I was instantly impressed by how naturally my body reacted to the machine and exercises. You don’t use any weights, only body resistance, yet it’s equally effective in creating a muscular build, as well as optimum cardiovascular results. That’s how I felt… totally available to you 24/ 7.

Todd Duncan
Todd DuncanPhotographer / Entrepreneur

“The first time I saw SoloStrength I really liked it. The first time I tried it…I fell in love. I use it for clients of all ages and it’s versatility isn’t always evident at first glance, but once you use it, you see the possibilities are endless.

Dan Webster
Dan WebsterProfessional Trainer / Titanium Fitness

Experience the Ultimate Functional Training Bodyweight Exercise Home Gym!

The beautifully designed and high quality simple home exercise fitness system designed for the whole family. Easy to learn. Safe, versatile, and requires minimal space.

For less than the cost of a monthly health club membership, the ULTIMATE and SoloStrength SpeedFit Conditioning programs will bring your best fitness to life!

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Functional Training Bodyweight Exercise Home Gym by SoloStrength.